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Japan's Strategic Approach to Sustainable Tourism Development

Japan's new initiative focuses on preventing over-tourism and promoting sustainable tourism development to balance visitor enjoyment with the preservation of natural and cultural resources. Recognizing the rapid recovery of tourism demand post-pandemic, Japan seeks to manage the influx of tourists to ensure the quality of life for residents and maintain high satisfaction levels among travelers. The project targets areas already facing or likely to face issues due to tourism growth, offering comprehensive support for plans that involve the community and stakeholders in creating sustainable tourism practices.

Key components of the initiative include establishing forums for discussion among local stakeholders, developing plans based on the current and future vision of the area, and implementing measures to prevent or mitigate over-tourism. The project encourages a multi-faceted approach, considering the enhancement of infrastructure, appropriate demand management, distribution of visitors across different times and locations, and manners enforcement among tourists.

With a focus on pioneering and replicable models, the project invites applications from local governments, DMOs, and private businesses that propose innovative solutions to these challenges. The ultimate goal is to create sustainable tourism destinations that respect local residents' quality of life while offering enriching experiences for visitors, contributing to the region's economic vitality and preserving Japan's rich heritage and natural beauty.



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