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Japan's Snow Resorts: Elevating the Winter Experience on the Global Stage

Japan's initiative, "Promotion Project for the Formation of Snow Resorts with International Competitiveness," aims to transform its snow resorts into world-class destinations. By offering subsidies for projects that enhance the experience and infrastructure of ski areas, Japan is set to captivate more international visitors. The project focuses on creating immersive, stay-type content, improving guest reception facilities, and upgrading ski resort infrastructure.

The project calls for collaboration among Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), local governments, accommodation providers, transportation services, and food and beverage businesses to devise comprehensive plans that bolster Japan's appeal as a snow resort destination. It seeks to integrate experiential and stay-type content, from cultural immersion to outdoor activities, enhancing the overall quality and accessibility of Japan's winter tourism offerings.

This initiative is not just about upgrading physical infrastructure but also about enriching the visitor experience through improved services, multilingual support, and digital enhancements, ensuring Japan stands out in the competitive global market for winter sports and leisure tourism.

Through strategic investments and collaborative planning, Japan's snow resorts are poised to offer unparalleled winter experiences, blending thrilling outdoor activities with the country's rich cultural heritage and hospitality. This initiative represents a significant step towards realizing Japan's potential as a leading destination for winter tourism, promising economic revitalization for local communities and unforgettable experiences for international visitors.



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