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Japan's Leap Towards Enhanced Tourism Through ICT Innovation

Japan is advancing its tourism services for inbound travelers by integrating innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, aiming to enrich the travel experience while promoting regional tourism. This initiative seeks to facilitate smooth travel experiences for foreign visitors by implementing advanced services utilizing ICT, crucial for promoting tourism and consumption in rural areas. Given the limited human resources and expansive areas in rural regions, the adoption of cutting-edge services holds significant importance.

This initiative, undertaken by the Japan Tourism Agency, involves conducting demonstration projects that utilize ICT services in tourism spots. These projects are expected to serve as a bridge between regional stakeholders and Inbound Ventures, enhancing the coordination between local areas and innovative ventures to accelerate the application of ICT in tourism.

Applicants for this project include local public entities and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) with a clear partnership with Inbound Ventures at the time of application. The demonstration projects cover a wide range of themes, from multilingual support and reservation systems to crowd control measures, all aimed at improving the tourism reception environment.

Through participation in this project, selected regions can strengthen their foundation for implementing ICT services, contributing to the resolution of tourism-related challenges. This not only benefits the regions by improving their tourism services but also enhances the ventures’ ability to scale up their solutions to other areas.

This project underscores Japan's commitment to leveraging technology to improve the inbound tourist experience, ensuring Japan remains a top destination for international travelers by offering seamless, enriched, and culturally immersive travel experiences.



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