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Japan's Innovative Multilingual Commentary Project for Tourism

Japan is enhancing its tourism experience for international visitors through the "Multilingual Commentary Support Project for Regional Tourism Resources." This initiative, driven by the Japan Tourism Agency, aims to address the gaps in foreign language descriptions of tourism resources, which often hinder the full appreciation of Japan's tourist attractions by non-Japanese speakers.

Launched in fiscal year 2018, the project has developed a system to list professional personnel specialized in multilingual commentary. These experts are deployed to create content that accurately and engagingly represents Japan's tourism resources in foreign languages, primarily English, to start with. The commentary is not merely translated but crafted by native professionals based on on-site research, ensuring authenticity and appeal.

The program focuses on improving the overall visitor experience by enhancing the understanding of Japan's rich cultural and natural attractions through clear, engaging multilingual descriptions. The initiative supports around 60 regions nationwide each fiscal year, with the goal of fostering attractive and comprehensible multilingual commentary.

Key to this initiative is the accumulation of know-how on creating engaging multilingual commentary, including guidelines on creating attractive multilingual commentary, style manuals, and collections of commentary examples. This knowledge is shared to encourage widespread adoption and ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

The project targets collaboration among various stakeholders, including local governments, DMOs, and the private sector, to develop and implement these multilingual commentaries. By enhancing the attractiveness and accessibility of regional tourism resources, Japan aims to not only improve satisfaction among international tourists but also contribute to the revitalization of local economies through increased tourism.



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