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Japan's Ambitious Drive to Become a Global Hub for International Conferences

Japan is actively enhancing its international conference hosting capabilities, focusing on unique venue utilization, excursions or technical visits, and local community engagement programs. This initiative, aimed at post-coronavirus recovery, seeks to elevate the economic impact of international conferences and create lasting legacies in host cities. By integrating unique venues and providing enriching local experiences, Japan aims to increase both the number of attendees and their spending, fostering broader regional collaboration and attracting global attention.

The Japan Tourism Agency is inviting applications for programs that can demonstrate innovative ways to combine conference activities with local culture, heritage, and technology. This includes leveraging untapped local content in partnership with convention bureaus and other stakeholders to offer more than just a standard conference experience. The goal is to showcase Japan's diverse assets, from its rich culture and history to cutting-edge technology, making it an attractive destination for conference organizers worldwide.

Eligible programs include those that utilize unique venues, conduct excursions or technical visits, and implement local participation programs. By doing so, Japan is not only aiming to improve its competitive edge in attracting international conferences but also to ensure these events contribute significantly to local economies and cultural promotion.

This strategic effort is supported by guidelines and financial assistance to selected projects, emphasizing Japan's commitment to becoming a global leader in hosting international conferences. Through collaboration between conference organizers and local entities, Japan seeks to enhance the appeal of its destinations, offering unforgettable experiences to international visitors and fostering sustainable tourism and regional development.



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