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Enhancing Japan's Appeal as an International Conference Destination

Japan is on a mission to elevate its status as a preferred destination for international conferences through the "Project to Enhance the Attractiveness of International Conference Destinations." This innovative initiative, spearheaded by the Japan Tourism Agency, focuses on differentiating Japan from other international cities by effectively communicating its unique appeal to organizers and improving satisfaction for organizers and attendees alike.

Key to this project is the collaboration with local stakeholders to enhance the city's reception capacity as a whole. By fostering a conducive environment for international conferences, the project aims to create a virtuous cycle that not only satisfies current participants but also attracts future conferences.

The initiative encompasses two main strategies: the utilization of unique venues and the implementation of regional resource-based incentive programs for conference participants. These strategies are aimed at showcasing Japan's unique offerings, from its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty to its advanced technological landscape, making every conference a memorable experience.

Eligible for application are convention bureaus and similar organizations that can carry out activities related to the attraction and support of international conferences. The project seeks to implement either or both strategies to improve the attractiveness of the destination and the satisfaction and spending of participants. This includes creating a one-stop service for using facilities, improving utilization rates, offering special menus at local restaurants, organizing shopping tours, and issuing local vouchers, among other participant benefits.

With an eye on the future, this project not only aims to enhance Japan's appeal in the short term but also to build a sustainable system for continuously offering such unique experiences. Through this initiative, Japan intends to not only broaden its appeal to international conference organizers and attendees but also to stimulate local economies and promote regional revitalization.



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